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More Reasons to Choose Adventist Education


"So that my children will get an education but more important have a personal relationship with God."

"God's love is integrated into everything that is taught."
"Adventist education prepare students to become well-rounded and successful individuals in the future."

"Adventist education promotes community service and trains children and young adults to contribute to their society."

"I am free to talk about my faith in class and am even encouraged to pray before classes and tests."

"Adventist Education allows for a 'whole person' development of the mental, physical, and spiritual. This is the Creator's design." 

"The biggest reason I can think of is consistency of a positive spiritually uplifting community."
"It is the perfect place to foster spiritual development"

"Life lessons are learned when Adventist teachers live their faith everyday before their students"

"Faith-based, gospel focused curriculum."

"A Christ centered philosophy, where kids hear about, learn, share and can freely pray, every day."
"Teachers are more than teachers. They are friends, guides, and mentors. They don't just want you to get good grades; they want to prepare you for Eternity."
"Adventist Education provides a partnership with the home, school, church, and God--a team that is unbeatable!!!" 

"SDA education lets Jesus shine in all areas of study and life. The integration of faith and learning present timeless opportunities for growth."
"God is at the center of everything you do, from education in the classroom to extracurricular activities."

"The foremost reason for Adventist education is that it provides one of the best opportunities to consistently guide children to desire and develop a friendship with Jesus on a daily basis. Children are open and malleable, and forming friendships is a fundamental growth process. How important it is to lead them to a lifelong friendship with Jesus!" 
"Partnership with an institution whose goal is to highly educate, nurture spiritual maturity and relationship with Jesus. The influence of high moral integrity and character and faith in God."

"A deep sense of purpose. The Christ-centered approach of Adventist Education develops the character, knowledge and skills necessary for students to lead a life of service."